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Commercial Real Estate Development


If land development is part of your commercial real estate plan, ABRN can help with your plan to:

  • Change your real estate from a natural or semi-natural state to suit your commercial purposes

  • Subdivide your real estate into lots for building purposes

  • Develop your property or change its purpose (for example, converting an old mill into retail space)  


Our network includes key stakeholders in the often-complex land development process:  Architects, city planners, engineers, surveyors, inspectors, contractors, leasing agents and more.


Tap into our research expertise and you’ll access our knowledge of how much other properties go for in your target area, how much stamp duty, searches and fees will be, any restrictive covenants, and/or the costs of any refurbishment. Finally, we can provide valuable assistance when it comes to contract time.

Full Construction - Building new or adding to commercial real estate structures can be a fragmented, adversarial process that commonly results in dissatisfied customers and frequently ends in disappointment, bitterness, and even litigation. Almost every project includes massive hidden taxes in the form of delays, cost overruns, poor quality, and work that has to be redone.

ABRN offers a wide range of commercial real estate construction services, designed specifically to reduce waste, keep projects on time and on budget, and ensure the satisfaction of all parties.

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