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Located in Red Lion, Pennsylvania, Cape Horn Crossing is a destination for locals, commuters and tourists. ABRN Development is proud to be the exclusive construction partner for this high-profile retail/office space.


For ABRN Development founder Richard Nardo, the project is close to heart. Richard was born and raised in York County, PA (where Cape Horn Crossing is located), and watched as his father, Frank Nardo, led development projects around the region – all focused on a love of community and adding value to the lives of residents and visitors. Richard and the entire ABRN development team are proud to carry on this legacy through the Cape Horn Crossing project. Expected to serve tens of thousands of customers each year, the site is estimated to bring a total of over 100 new jobs to the area. 


The first phase of construction features outstanding anchor businesses such as Tractor Supply, Members 1st Federal Credit Union and Verizon Wireless. Phase two will extend the project to add a two-story mix-use (office/retail/medical office) building with spaces that can be customized to each tenant’s specific needs.


From site planning and design through construction, traffic revisions, and ongoing management, ABRN is proud to be the design-build construction partner for this commercial development project. If you’re interested in learning more about ABRN’s commercial development capabilities or about the Cape Horn Crossing project, reach out. Our team is available to answer your questions and looks forward to learning about your development needs.

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